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Yona Cardboard Bed

Yona Cardboard Bed

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Experience the Ultimate in Sustainable Comfort: The Yona Bed, crafted from the finest recycled Australian cardboard, not only offers unparalleled durability and minimalist elegance but also supports your commitment to a greener world. Transform any room effortlessly with an eco-friendly bed that's easy to assemble, disassemble, and reposition. Elevate your lifestyle with Australia's most environmentally responsible bed base.

Will it hold me?

You betcha! Our Yona beds are so strong, it'll hold you, your partner and up to 33 other people (3200kg in total).


Supported Weight
Single: 1500kg (~17 people)
King Single: 1850kg (~21 people)
Double: 2300kg (~26 people)
Queen : 2800kg (~32 people)
King: 3050kg (~34 people)
Super King: 3200kg (~36 people)
Long Single: 1850kg (~21 people)

100% corrugated cardboard (a combination of recycled cardboard and original fibres from sustainable forestry)

100% recyclable

Single: 92 x 188 cm
King Single: 107 x 203 cm
Double: 138 x 188 cm
Queen: 153 x 203 cm
King: 183 x 203 cm
Super King: 203 x 203 cm
Long Single: 92 x 203 cm

Height of all beds: 26.5 cm

Box dimensions & weight (shipped):
Single: 160 x 27.5 x 22.5 cm | 7.9kg
King Single: 160 x 27.5 x 22.5 cm | 10.0kg
Double: 160 x 27.5 x 22.5 cm | 10.4kg
Queen: 160 x 27.5 x 22.5 cm | 12.9kg
King: 160 x 27.5 x 22.5 cm | 14.2kg
Super King: 160 x 27.5 x 22.5 cm | 15.6kg
Long Single: 160 x 27.5 x 22.5 cm | 8.6kg

Free & Fast Shipping

We offer free & fast shipping to 99% of Australia addresses.

30 Night Guarantee

We're so confident you'll love your Yona bed that we're happy for you to make up your mind over 30 nights.

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  • 100% Sustainable

  • Australian Made & Owned

  • Easy No Tool Setup

  • 5 Year Warranty

    Warranty Policy 

Sustainability at our core

Our cardboard beds are made up of 70% recycled fibres and are 100% recyclable.

Click below to read more on how we're changing the way Aussies live.

Sustainability Mission

Customer Reviews

Based on 349 reviews
shea (Wellington, NZ)
Its Legit

Sceptical at first, but purchased it and surprisingly they not wrong.
Its stable, can hold a big guy like me and doesn't make much noise when tossing and turning. Would like to mention, if you have wooden floors it is hard to set up with one person as when you pull the base out it retracts back, would rec getting a rug under the bottom to get the full length of the base.

However pretty happy for what it is.

MJ (Auckland, NZ)
Strong and sturdy

I'm morbidly obese so the fact this bed base can support 3200kg was the main reason why I chose this yona super king bed base. To be honest, I really didn't believe it would but I was pleasantly surprised to be absolutely wrong in this case. I've launched myself like a humpback whale and had visitors come test it out too. I have an ecosa mattress so combined I have a really firm solid bed with a little bit of cushioning in the perfect place. I've had really great nights of sleep ever since. The affordable price and flexibility when I move house are all bonuses. The only downside for me was because I moved into a 2 bedroom apartment, I had limited space to set this up. It was more challenging for me because I struggled to bend down to clip the cardboard pieces together. Took me about 4 hours and my base isn't setup perfectly in a square-ish shape but it's mostly right. Anyway, I love it and I'm going to purchase another one shortly for my second bedroom.

Jenna Carroll (Brisbane, AU)

Yona Cardboard Bed

J Hebden (Wellington, NZ)
Strong as hell

I love mine it is strong but would recommend if u get a double or queen or King set up with 2 people so that you can get the right size for ur mattress and get it to sit right

Haley Maxwell (Tauranga, NZ)
Happy customer

We have pirchase x 2 Yona bed bases!

1 x King and 1 x Queen

Easy to put together and surprisingly really sturdy considering that they are made of cardboard.

Maureen Muller (Hamilton, NZ)

Great product, perfect for our small space. Very sturdy and does the job perfectly!

Cindy Henry (Auckland, NZ)

Yona Cardboard Bed

ellen Pearson (Melbourne, AU)
Its good

Its good.
Quite low and also no storage space underneath.
Hard to set up on own.
Having some kind of carpet under would help and another person to help you.
I had a double, i did it on my own but not too easy.
Over all its good. Light to move on own.
Very conveinient. Fast delivery. Helpful and responsive staff on the website when i had questions.

Joe P (Sydney, AU)
Worked well, quick to set up and pack up

We bought ours for a guest bedroom to set up temporarily when guests were staying. It set up quickly and was sturdy and reportedly comfortable. Pack up was also quick and stores back in the shipping box. Recommended

sarah reynolds (Auckland, NZ)
The Little Cardboard Bed That Could

I was super extra very excited when my Yona arrived (that sounds very naughty) yet on setting it up I found it to be awfully narrow and quite
l - o - n - g. 'Did I order the wrong size?', I exclaimed. 'Oh no, that means my mattress will be the wrong size! I'll have to send them both back and sleep on the floor and my back will hurt and no one will ever love me!' Contacting the Yona team, that wise owl Benji allayed my fears; it was the right size, I'd only stretched out. Benji said after I unlatched the connectors I should push it (gently) forward, letting it widen into place. His solution worked perfectly! Now my bed and mattress are in harmony and nothing was returned! My back still hurts and nobody loves me but that's not Yona's fault; in fact, I bet when the word gets out that I have a Yona, people will be lined up outside my door just begging to sleep with me. On the Yona, of course! Get your minds out of the gutter! No really, it's a great bed. Do yourself a favor: get one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it strong enough to hold me, my mattress (and my partner and/or pet)?

It sure is! Yona beds are made with an innovative, patent-pending design and some of Australia's highest grade (and most sustainable) cardboard.

We’re very confident with our product, and we will stand by it no matter what. That’s why we offer a 5 year warranty. Even if something does go wrong, we commit to making sure you have an outstanding experience, and will send you a replacement part, and even an entire replacement bed if necessary, on the house.

And what if I want to really test the bed with … ahem… some rougher activities...?

You do you! And you can have faith that the Yona bed is up for any challenge. We have tested our bed with every situation imaginable – and we mean every situation. Trust us - whatever you throw at the Yona bed, it can take it!

We’re confident that the Yona bed can stand up to anything, so much so that if you do manage to do any damage to the bed with anything that can be loosely considered any sort of ‘bed time activity’, we will cover it with our 5 year warranty, all at our cost. We’ve got you covered.

Which mattresses can I use with the Yona bed?

Most regular mattresses that you buy in store or online are supported. Foam, spring, hybrid - no problems.

Heavy mattress are absolutely no problem either, Yona beds can hold thousands of kilograms!

We do support most specialty or custom-made mattresses, but please reach out to us over live chat or at to confirm before purchasing.

The following popular mattress brands are supported, as well as almost all others:

- Koala
- Ecosa
- Sleeping Duck
- Noa
- Eva
- Emma
- Peacelily
- Sleep Republic
- Zeek
- Onebed
- Sealy
- Ikea
- A.H. Beard
- Tempur

And almost all other brands too! If you don't see your mattress brand on the list above, and you want to double check whether your mattress is suitable, feel free to reach out to us on live chat or

Can I pack away & put out my Yona bed on a frequent basis, e.g. to use as a spare bed?

100%! While most customers use their Yona as their permanent bed, it can also be used as a spare.

Our beds are designed to be packed away very quickly when you don't need them, and set back up again when you do. Some of our customers even do this every day!

Additionally, due to the minimalist design, it takes up very little room when packed away.