Our Story

Hey there 👋 We’re Gilad & Yaniv – the co-founders of Yona. 

Both of us have spent a heap of time moving between share-houses and apartments, and everything else in between. We know the struggle – that seemingly endless cycle of buying, building, deconstructing and moving furniture.

And the hardest thing to move? The bed. 

We’ve left plenty of holes in walls moving bed frames in and out of rentals (shh don’t tell our landlords!), and we’ve seen too many beds dumped on the nature-strip by people who just can’t work out the logistics of another move. 

We wanted to create something to break this cycle; something that could save us (and others) from this hassle of moving; a sustainable solution that was easy for people moving, and easy on the environment.

The Yona bed is where we started. Now, we’re looking at tackling other types of furniture, all with the aim of moving simply, and living sustainably.