The 5 hardest things when moving- And how to make them a little easier.

The 5 hardest things when moving- And how to make them a little easier.

Changing your address

Everything! The bank, Amazon, your drivers licence, your subscription to millennial recycler monthly (just me?). There is always one that I forget, leaving me confused where my replacement card is after I lost my old one, or wondering why my reusable oven mats never arrived.

Super annoying.

Moving your bed

Most beds are a pain in the butt to move. It takes 45 minutes to take apart, an hour to make at your new place almost always needing two people while you try to remember those Swedish instructions you threw out a year ago.

If they are queen or king sized then they’re at least two metres long, needing a van, or some other sort of van or some serious bending of car capabilities and road rules to transport.

This hassle is the reason a lot of people just throw out their bed at the end of their lease.

We love it when people choose a portable option like our Yona cardboard bed, it means that the lifespan of the product is that little bit longer and helps reduce the total quantity of waste generated.

Knowing your way around

Moving to a new place you need to learn things from scratch. You must find your way to work, slowly venture out more and more on your morning runs, and most importantly find the local coffee place that makes your morning latte just right.

The hardest thing about all this is if your old route crosses over with your new route. I found myself on the train heading in the complete opposite direction to my new house because I was on autopilot after work.

A trick to help you deal with this change is to for the first few weeks give yourself a little extra time getting places and try to figure your way around without maps. This gives your brain the opportunity to learn rather than blindly follow what the smartphone tells it.

Packing and unpacking in the right order

After a long day of moving, when the first thing you want to do is take a shower and get into bed, the last thing you want to do is unpack every box to find your toothbrush.

The very worst thing you can do is pack without thinking and without labelling the contents of your boxes leaving you having to unpack absolutely everything in order to complete even the smallest and most mundane tasks.

The sharpie is your best friend! We recommend labelling all of your boxes well, even if the label is “Miscellaneous kitchen tools”, every little bit helps.

Our final tip is to pack a suitcase the same as you would for a 1 week trip. This way, everything you need urgently will be there and easy to get to.


Splitting from housemates

I hate splitting up from housemates. Whether you like them or not there’s always the issue of stuff. Who bought the rice cooker, you went splitsies on the TV but it’s 3 years old now so are you going to calculate the depreciation to figure out who owes who what.

I know I’m not the only one who spent ages living happily with someone but when leaving you felt screwed in some way or another.

The trick to this is, for any joined purchases, plan what happens when you split. This means you can make the decision before it’s emotional. It can help prevent a whole bunch of problems before they come up, helping you leave a housemate but hopefully keep a friend.

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